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Greavard, a Ghost-type dog, has been unveiled for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Who's a ghoul boy?

Yesterday, a mysterious stream on the official Pokémon YouTube channel appeared, titled "????".

With a Gengar on the thumbnail and the release of Scarlet and Violet less than a month away, fans speculated we would see a Ghost-type Pokémon.

They weren't wrong. In fact, multiple Ghost-types were shown, including a new species!

A new Ghost-type Pokémon appeared in Paldea!Watch on YouTube

The new trailer is shot from the perspective of a trainer at the Naranja Academy (the school featured in Scarlet), who is looking for Ghost-types. They wander the forest at night, and bump into a Mimikyu, Gengar, and then... a candle on the ground?

Until the Pokémon pops out and it turns out it's not a candle, it's a dog with a candle on its head! I shih tzu not!

You have no idea how hard it was to get a screenshot of the dog remaining vaguely still.

"Oh my goodness! It's so cute!" the trainer squeals in delight. It's hard to disagree with that opinion.

The dog runs around excitedly and does some rolls, and then decides it wants to play fetch. The trainer only manages to go a couple of rounds before they collapse and black out, but not before the Pokémon manages to get a few licks onto their face. A trainer's best friend.

A very good boy.

As I started writing this article, the name of the new dog species hadn't been revealed yet. I was plumping for Candelabrador, and imagined its evolution would have big droopy ears that more candles would sit on.

Turns out I was wrong, the ghost dog Pokémon is called Greavard! (I'm assuming Greavard is meant to sound like "graveyard", which is a bit more sinister than my guess of Candelabrador, but it does make sense given only the candle is visible until it jumps out at you. But then, does that mean Greavard literally rises from the dead...?)

The official Scarlet and Violet website has updated its list of Pokémon to include Greavard, where it is noted to have extremely powerful jaws. Greavard barely moves and usually rests "peacefully underground". Whenever someone approaches, Greavard jumps out of the ground "while letting out a spooky cry", but is very friendly and affectionate. Be careful to not spend too much time with Greavard though, because it slowly (and "inadvertently") will suck the life out of you.

Watch Greavard's official introduction video below.

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