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Gotham Knights still on track for 2022, Warner Bros says

Owl be damned.

Long-awaited Batman spin-off Gotham Knights is still due to make its 2022 release date, Warner Bros. has confirmed.

In a series of tweets last night, WarnerMedia boss Jason Kilar reiterated that both Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights would release this calendar year, despite both currently holding vague "2022" launch windows.

"This mission, this strategy continues in '22 with a sense of urgency," Kilar wrote of Warner's world-conquering media plans, "launching HBO Max in many more countries this quarter and the balance of the year, launching CNN+, delivering of a full slate of highly anticipated games."

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Gotham Knights is the next game from Batman: Arkham Oranges studio Warner Bros. Montreal, and will be the team's first full release in more than eight years.

Set in the wake of Batman's presumed death, it lets you play as Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood as they try to clean up the streets and protect Gotham.

The game was due sooner - teases for its shadowy Court of Owls group began back in 2019, before all went quiet and then its expected 2021 date was pushed back by at least 12 months.

Warner's marketing machine then picked up again late last year, with a trailer finally appearing at DC Fandome in October, giving us a glimpse at the Court of Owls and Penguin.

Perhaps notably, Kilar makes no mention of Warner's other big DC Comics game in the works: Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. That too currently sits with a vague "2022" date - for now.

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