Oculus Rift


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Oculus snaps up hand sensing tech company

Detects and recreates finger movements for precise gesture control.

Oculus Rift comes with a wireless Xbox One controller

Stream Xbox One games to Oculus Rift via Windows 10.

Live Oculus Rift pre-E3 conference at 6pm UK time

It's a wrap! New controller, new form and (kind of) a release date.

Oculus Rift's consumer launch design revealed

Ships early 2016, pre-orders late this year.

Facebook eyes 100m Oculus Rift sales

"That will take a few cycles of the device to get there."

New Oculus Rift prototype Crescent Bay unveiled

Adds 360-degree headtracking, headphones.

Oculus VR clamps down on eBay Rift re-selling

"If you buy on eBay you are on your own."

Samsung's Gear VR headset revealed in leaked image

Co-developed by Oculus, uses a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Oculus suspends Rift sales in China after "extreme" reselling

"If you are an enthusiast, we kindly ask that you wait for the consumer Rift."

Oculus buys company that designed the Xbox 360 controller

Carbon Design to help design virtual reality.

Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin joins Oculus VR

Tech that will "change everything", he says.

Former Valve business chief Jason Holtman joins Oculus

Might we see a Steam for Oculus Rift?