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There's a way to play Oculus Rift exclusives on HTC Vive

UPDATE: And Oculus doesn't like it.

UPDATE 15th April 2016: Oculus has issued a statement in response to the news that you can play a couple of its Rift-exclusive games on rival virtual reality headset the HTC Vive - and it's not best pleased.

Oculus warned Lucky's Tale and Oculus Dreamdeck won't work on Vive for much longer.

So, what does the creator of the "hack" think about Oculus' frowney response?

"Seems like a perfectly fine reaction to me," CrossVR said in a post on Reddit.

"Of course they can't condone it, that would mean they'd have to actively support the Revive project, which is completely outside of their control. But from that reaction it doesn't seem they'll actively try to prohibit it either.

They're worried people may buy games expecting them to work on the Vive and they may get disappointed. Especially if I can't keep feature parity with the Oculus SDK, which is what the comment about future updates is about.

"This is exactly the reason why, for the first version of Revive, I chose to only actively support two games you could get for free in the Oculus Store. Since I don't want people spending money only to find out that the game they want to play is not yet supported."

ORIGINAL STORY 14th April 201: Clever clogses have found a way to play Oculus Rift-exclusive games on competing virtual reality headset HTC Vive.

The games are Lucky's Tale, a platformer, and Oculus Dreamdeck, a collection of otherworldly VR experiences. You still have to legitimately own the games but they're apparently free for anyone with the Oculus Store.

Getting the games to work involves a downloading a small amount of files and following some simple-sounding steps (scroll down).

"It may work with plenty of other games, but that hasn't been tested by myself," said the Reddit user responsible, CrossVR.

"It's still early days for this project, since it's only been in development for a few weeks. In the future more games will be supported, but I'm glad to see such swift progress already."

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