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Minecraft finally digs into virtual reality with Oculus Rift support

And Notch says "Neato!"

Minecraft will, finally, get official virtual reality support.

Mojang's creation game ships spring 2016 on Oculus Rift and Gear VR, Oculus announced during a media briefing last night.

The news comes a year-and-a-half after Minecraft creator Notch cancelled a Rift version of the game in protest at Facebook's $2bn purchase of Oculus.

According to Notch, Minecraft on Rift would have been a free version of the phenomenally successful build anything sandbox designed to promote virtual reality.

He said he'd built several prototypes for games for the Rift, and the mobile Minecraft development team had worked on a Rift prototype of the game. This potential free version of Minecraft might have been called Minecraft VR Edition, he added.

Notch, who sold Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5bn, described the news as "Neato!"