Bloodborne Features

Feature | An ode to video game doors

Walking you through the doors of Doom, Dark Souls and more.

Feature | What's going on in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters?

Man's inhumanity to man. The new lore explored and explained.

Feature | Bloodborne's two planned DLC packs have been combined in the epic The Old Hunters

Promises a clot of content. Full details of what to expect in From Software's expansion.

Digital Foundry | Is Bloodborne the next-gen Souls you've been waiting for?

And where does that leave the Dark Souls 2 remaster?

Digital Foundry | Performance Analysis: Bloodborne

UPDATE: Multiplayer gameplay incurs a performance hit unseen in single-player mode.

Feature | Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best?

Early impressions of the PS4 exclusive ahead of our review.

Feature | Bloodborne's combat convinced me I don't need a sword and shield any more

Impressions from the first hour of From Software's PS4 exclusive.

Feature | Shining a light on Bloodborne

A Souls non-believer's brief take on From Software's latest.

Feature | Bloodborne is a Souls successor with serious bite

The first playable demo reveals plenty of blood-ties - but you'll have to learn its new rules fast.

Feature | Bloodborne is From Software's darkest game yet

It's not a Demon's Souls sequel - but it is everything you'd hope for of a PS4 Miyazaki game.