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Fortnite's new season adds Titanfall-like mechs

Apex the unexpected.

Fortnite's latest season launches today, and with it comes the introduction of Titanfall-like mechs.

In Fortnite, these vehicles are not Titans but Brutes, and they can hold two players. But basically everything else looks the same. They rocket down from the sky, they shoot barrages of rocket fire, and they can stomp down to flatten anything below.

Earlier this year, Fortnite contender Apex Legends launched. It's set in the universe of Titanfall, but developer Respawn famously said it had decided against including mechs because early testing found them too unbalanced.

It feels a very Fortnite thing for Epic to then go and add them instead.

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Fortnite season 10 is based around a theme of past and present being distorted around the map, with "rift zones" where special properties take hold - the trailer suggests no-combat zones - as well Fortnite season 10 battle pass skins made of up previous heroes from alternate dimensions.

You can read the full list of changes in the latest Fortnite patch notes.

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