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Fortnite's new gun reminds me of Luigi's vacuum cleaner

Recycled content.

Last night, Fortnite suddenly released the Recycler - a new heavy weapon unlike anything else in the game.

While it might look like a mix between a weed trimmer and a grenade launcher, it offers a decent element of build destruction and splash damage. Also, while using it, I feel like I'm holding the Poltergust-3000 in Luigi's Mansion.

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The Recycler holds up to three explosive shells at a time, mixed together from whatever you've sucked into its nozzle - trees, rocks, lamp posts, or other player's builds.

Switching its flow then shoots these projectiles out, which then explode on impact with players or ping pong around builds similar to grenades.

The limited charges hold the weapon back a bit, but the fact you can continually find new things to turn into ammo makes this unique. Explosive ammo is hard to find in Fortnite, and by recycling elements of your own builds in the final circle, this could make for some interesting gameplay.

Fortnite is currently still early in its new primal-themed season, birthed after the explosive single-player Zero Crisis Finale event. In the three weeks since we've seen the release of raptors on the island, while barricades are being built up daily around some of its larger settlements. What's coming next? Fortnite's next big patch, 16.20, is already on the horizon and due to launch next week.

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