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Fortnite adds dinosaurs, makes crafting less of a pain

'Saur spot.

Fortnite's new primal season got its first update this morning, and dinosaurs now roam the game's island.

Like other wildlife, Raptors are tameable with a Hunter's Cloak item - if you feel brave enough. But there's no way to command them from a motorbike.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Fortnite Primal Chapter 2 Season 6 Update - A RIGHT PAIR OF HUNTS

Fortnite fans have been expecting these dinos to appear since Chapter 2 Season 6 first kicked off two weeks ago. Suspicious-looking eggs around the island have been slowly cracking, with the sounds inside suggesting this wasn't something left by the Easter bunny.

Other changes brought by Fortnite's update 16.10 tinker with the battle royale's new crafting system. The game's two most common resources - animal bones and mechanical parts - will now be found more widely.

This season overhauled Fortnite's weapon pool and introduced a new "Makeshift" weapon type you can then upgrade with either resource into new Primal or Mechanical variants. But fans said the parts to upgrade these weapons were not common enough to encourage their usage - something this patch should change.

In addition, crafting material costs will now be cheaper for some Makeshift weapon rarities, meaning you can improve those grey weapons quicker.