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Fortnite's latest patch reverts popular health-on-kill changes

"Resulted in an unhealthy level of aggressive play."

Today's Fortnite patch, v8.20, reverts the popular changes added last season which granted other health/shields and materials when eliminating players.

The settings, which began in competitive playlists and will remain intact there, encouraged "an unhealthy level of aggressive play, diminishing other viable strategies", Epic said in its patch notes today.

There are two sides to this: I was encouraged to play more confrontationally because I knew if I took damage I could get it back after a kill. But those (far more) skilled than I could also go on killing sprees, never worrying about having to stop and heal.

Of course, the biggest change comes with the previously-announced addition of the Floor is Lava mode.

Some of these changes are nuts.

Other big changes include the introduction of poison dart traps, a reworking of the useless infantry rifle so it no longer fires sniper projectiles, and three new foraged items.

Eating a banana will grant five health, eating a coconut will grand five health/shields over time, and eating a pepper will grant five health and increased movement speed for a brief time.

On the Jurassic World-style Baller vehicle, Epic has said it is "not satisfied" with how people are using them in late game (where they're very easy to use to just run and hide). As of today's update, the vehicle will no longer damage players on collision. In the next patch, v8.30, you'll be able to shoot through the Baller's glass.

Meanwhile, in Fortnite's Creative mode, you'll be able to play around with monster spawners for some PVE gameplay, and add in the controversial Infinity Blade.

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