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Fortnite's closed alpha begins today, runs until the 19th

Sign-ups are still available.

Epic Games' multiplayer building and shooting game Fortnite is launching its closed alpha from 2nd December to 19th December.

"During this phase of the Alpha we are testing to make sure all of the basic stuff, from the launcher to all the game systems, is working so we can start getting real feedback from real players to help us make the game better," the developer stated in its announcement. "The game is still rough around the edges but we think it can benefit from your input even at this early stage."

If you didn't register for the alpha earlier, fear not, as sign-ups are still available, though it's unclear if these will be used for this current test or future early builds down the line (the FAQ noted that participants are randomly assigned). "There are more invites going out later this week and some of those invited have friend invites to share," Epic noted, so perhaps you can coax a pal into letting you join in on the fun.

Earlier this year I called Epic's upcoming free-to-play zombie defense game "Unreal meets Minecraft with a healthy dose of Team Fortress' whimsy tossed into the mix" in my Fortnite hands-on preview. "Like Gears and Unreal before it, Fortnite is a game about teamwork, rivalry, strategy, and things going wrong in the best of ways."

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