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Fortnite returns from downtime with big changes, and a new chunk of its own story

Marvel less.

Last night, Fortnite bid farewell to its Marvel season in a game-changing live event which wiped away all trace of its superheroes.

Today, Fortnite returns - around 9am UK time - and picks up the pieces from that big cliffhanger. We're back on a familiar map - though with some notable changes.

For those who prefer Fortnite to focus on its own storyline and original characters, there seems plenty more of that in the new Chapter 2 Season 5 - albeit with a guest appearance from Star Wars' Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

This season, the suited agents overseeing Fortnite's reality are trying to stop more characters from escaping its loop. That means Agent Jonesy has entered the game himself and is hiring a team of bounty hunters to help. (Which explains Mando.)

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"The Zero Point is exposed," the new season's press release reads, "but no one escapes the Loop, not on your watch. Join Agent Jones and the greatest hunters from across Realities like The Mandalorian in a chaotic battle that will shape the future of the Island..."

In-game, there's the ability to take on new quests and bounties which award Bars, a currency used within matches to hire characters as allies or spend on weaponry from vendors.

The battle pass includes Mancake - a cowboy made out of flapjack, a cool-looking anime character, a tough-looking skeleton gladiator and the Mandalorian himself, among others.

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Season 5's map adds a large desert, covering the central area where the Zero Point now hangs exposed. New points of interest include a gladiator arena named Colossal Coliseum, a hilltop area named Hunter's Haven, a mysterious walled area named Stealthy Stronghold, and a new remix of an old area, Salty Towers.

(Long-time Fortnite fans will note the continued mirroring of ideas from the game's first Chapter, such as the fifth season introduction of a large desert area and a Viking longship back then.)

Below lies our first (official) look at some of this season's battle pass characters, including the aforementioned flapjack cowboy.

Finally, this season's press release concludes with an intriguing line about other (presumably non-Battle Pass, so paid-for) crossover characters coming later this season:

"The hunters on the Island are only the first to arrive from outside the Loop... Throughout the Season, Agent Jones will bring in even more hunters from the Realities beyond. Who will be next?"

Famous fictional bounty hunters, eh? Surely Boba's a good shout? Or... Greedo? And from video games... Agent 47? Thane?! Samus Aran?!!