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Fortnite officially teases Chapter 4 Season 3's rumoured jungle biome

Ahead of 9th June launch.

With just days to go until the launch of Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 3 on 9th June, Epic is steadily ramping up its teases for some of the season's big new additions, including the apparent confirmation of a previously rumoured new jungle biome.

Word that Epic might be preparing to bring a jungle biome to the latest iteration of Fortnite's map first came via leakers back in April. And a couple of recent official social media asset updates - including some art of a city bordered by vines - lent further credence to those reports.

But now, thanks to a new 8-second teaser shared on the Fortnite Twitter feed, a jungle biome is a good as confirmed. Peer closely betwixt the lettering and a brisk flyover awaits, the camera skimming over raging waters and lush, mist-shrouded tropical foliage before coming to a halt in view of some squat stone ruins perched atop a cliff.

Further hammering home Chapter 4 Season 3's apparent theme of exploration through untamed corners, Epic is also teasing the new season with the Twitter hashtag #FortniteWILDS and with a new season logo resembling the four points of a compass.

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While Epic remains coy about the other big new features coming as part of Fortnite's next season, recent leaks have pointed to the likes of racing, new desert and volcano areas, a Transformers collaboration featuring an Optimus Prime skin, and more. Expect further teases ahead of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3's arrival this Friday, 9th June.

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