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Fortnite patch adds new AOE healing item, more monster destruction

Peely back the layers.

Fortnite's latest update, v9.30, adds a new area-of-effect healing item named Chug Splash - although the biggest news from the patch comes from datamined details already posted online from those peeking through its files.

Chug Splash is a six-pack of Slurp Juice which restores 20 Health/Shield per throw. It'll heal you, it'll heal teammates - but it will also heal enemies. So watch where you lob it.

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Patch 9.30 also adds yet another map change - as the Polar Peak monster stomps through another point of interest. Yes, poor Loot Lake has been smashed up, again.

These shots come courtesy of FortniteNews:

And then there's the stuff Epic hasn't put in the patch notes. New weapons found in the game's files include a Drum Shotgun, which I already can't wait to see vaulted, and an Air Strike item, which looks like a smoke canister to call down a barrage of hellfire from the sky.

A new 14 Days of Summer event has also been found, with a range of free cosmetics. Want Peely as a smoothie as a back bling? It has you covered.

There's references, also, to an upcoming Stranger Things crossover - likely the latest big budget promotion following Fortnite's Avengers, John Wick and Michael Jordan events.

But there's nothing, as yet, on the Polar Peak monster finally making an appearance. Fans hope the game gets its first big boss battle at the end of this season - but, for now, Epic is keeping all of this firmly under wraps.