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Fortnite now shows live player count for each mode

Team rumble.

Curious to find out which Fortnite mini-games are most played? Now you can see for yourself, via a neat change enabled by Epic Games.

All modes in Fortnite will now display a live player count figure - including Epic's own main modes such as Battle Royale, Zero Build and Team Rumble.

It's an intriguing peek behind the scenes at how many people are playing Fortnite at any given moment, and another nudge from Epic to go try some of the many other experiences built by creators for the Fortnite platform.

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At the time of writing, around 173,000 people are playing Fortnite's main Battle Royale mode, with 87,770 people playing its Zero Build Variant. It's an interesting insight into how many people still play with building enabled!

When word of this change first broke last night, I hopped on to Fortnite to see it for myself. Then, late in the UK evening, over 600,000 people were playing those same two core modes. (I guess now, with the US largely asleep and European players at work/school, it makes sense it is currently lower.)

So, how do the non-Epic-made Fortnite modes compare? Some of the most popular maps, such as Goat Wars and The Pit, currently have player counts in the five figure range. Others are in the low thousands, while many are in the hundreds.

Last week, Epic Games unveiled the future of Fortnite as a platform when it brought the game's new UEFN creative tools online. These merge some of the advancements possible in Unreal Engine 5 with Fortnite's own creative toolkit, allowing for more advanced and graphically more impressive creations.

That announcement showcase included a similarly open discussion of Fortnite's current monthly player figure of 70 million active users. Epic boss Tim Sweeney also divulged comparative monthly player figures for Roblox (250 million) and Minecraft (100 million).

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