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Fortnite now has an old-school toon Meowscles

Looney toona.

Fortnite's latest creation is an old-school cartoon version of Meowscles, its fan-favourite buff cat.

Toon Meowscles is obviously inspired by the early Disney, Steamboat Willie cartoon style, with the similar bouncy limbs and the now-familiar Mickey Mouse white gloves. (I asked Donlan about this and he pointed me to the work of Oswald and Mickey animator Ub Iwerks, specifically.)

Here's his cartoon debut, which will play if you log into Fortnite today:

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But, because it's Fortnite, Meowscles also has a bizarre TikTok-sounding emote which lets him stretch and flex to an original track by Trippie Redd, who raps about playing Fortnite, drinking Slurp and putting nerds "in the dirt".

The music - a clip of which is featured on the emote and which has also been released in a separate music pack - is an odd choice, and incongruous to the style of the character. Some fans have asked for the music in the trailer above to be released, instead of the track below...

Artwork in this season's battle pass had previously teased Toon Meowscles' appearance in the Item Shop at some point, alongside similar designs for other Fortnite favourites Peely and Fishstick. Hide your wallets.

Toon Meowscles, his toona can back bling and built-in emote cost 1400 V-Bucks (around £9), while a bundle also featuring an animated dumbbell pickaxe, the Trippie Redd music track and a loading screen costs a little more at 1700 V-Bucks.

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