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Fortnite fans reckon new season leak ties into Epic teaser from year ago

Just deserts.

Artwork for Fortnite's under-wraps new season has appeared online - released, it seems, earlier than planned. It comes from the new PlayStation background and icon for the game, which got updated today.

(To be fair to Sony, Fortnite's new season was indeed scheduled to launch this week, before its most recent delay.)

The image shows Fortnite's battle bus flying over a patch of open water, past a desert island with three palm trees on it in the background.

Here's today's new image, cleaned up a bit by reddit user RyanStoffelen:

Fans have long expected this season to flood parts of the game's island map (and there's a live story event this weekend set to kick this off). What fans did not expect is a hint Epic Games teased all this a year ago.

Cast your mind back to this time last year and to a mysterious animation published by Epic Games with little explanation. It showed the battle bus flying over a patch of open water, and a desert island with three palm trees on it.

The minute-long clip saw Jonesy call for help from the battle bus using a flare gun - only to doom the vehicle and accidentally win a Victory Royale for himself instead.


As many fans have pointed out, the trees really do look like the same models - here's a comparison shot from reddit user CinemaOfGaming:

Fans have even spotted a number in the teaser - on the flare gun's crate - that corresponds to the latest release date for the new season (11/06). This is surely a coincidence, considering the new season has now been delayed twice from its original arrival, but it's a great spot.

Leaks for this weekend's event point to spy boss Midas unleashing a device to finally cure Fortnite of its storm. I suppose emptying the clouds of their rain - and flooding the map - would be one way of doing just that?