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Fortnite fans spot sky rift starting to shrink

The countdown to season six begins.

Fornite has begun its first steps towards season six with its latest round of skybox changes.

The battle royale mode's magical sky rift - which brought desert and Viking areas to the map this season - is slowly starting to shrink away as of the game's latest update.

The rift closing up is a subtle effect, with small changes every day until it shrivels up completely.

Expect to see no rift at all from 21st August onwards, according to Fortnite leaker FNBRLeaks, who peered into the game's files to find out how the sky will look with the rift nearly closed:

Looking like a Doctor Who-style magical crack in spacetime, the rift appeared as a result of season four's rocket launch and after season three's meteor strike. The rift disappearing now paves the way for the game's next map-changing event.

We're still a month away from season five's conclusion, but it's around about now Epic begins setting up the next season's theme in-game somehow. The rift being neatly healed paves the way for just that. Fan theories for season six currently centre around something squeezing out of the rift just before it closes - or a return of that rocket somehow.