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Fortnite fan survey reveals dozens of potential skins

More Guff.

Artwork revealing dozens of potential Fortnite characters has been posted online.

Fortnite fans do not typically get to see the battle royale's eye-catching characters until they're added to the game's files - and even then, some are encrypted so they're a complete surprise until they go on sale.

However, a new player survey has spilled onto the internet via LeakySussed - and among questions about the game itself there are dozens of unrevealed characters for fans to offer feedback on.

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Many of these are remixed versions of existing characters, or new takes on fan favourites. Here's a couple which caught my eye:

It's a Christmas tree version of Guff. This is a remixed version of the free Christmas tree Jonesy skin from 2019, but it's now Guff inside. It's chonkier. I like it.

This guy is new. I'm getting Alice in Wonderland vibes.

A truly horrible Fishstick variant. One for Halloween?

Remember Kevin the cube? Fortnite, please release this skin then explain what that was all about.

There's also a Toon version of Bushranger and Jonesy wearing Peely's skin - now that's something to debate the inappropriateness of in court. Here's the rest of the lot:

There's no guarantee that any of these will eventually see release. Still, there's a couple I've got my eyes Peeleyed for - and it's an interesting, rare glimpse behind the Fortnite scenes.

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