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Fortnite E.G.O. outpost locations explained

Where to find the E.G.O. outposts in the new Fortnite map.

E.G.O. outposts are landmarks that can be found across the new Fortnite map and, for a challenge in the The Lowdown set, you have to visit each one.

You need to visit five different E.G.O. outposts and, luckily, there are five E.G.O. outposts on the map.

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Fortnite E.G.O. outpost locations at a glance

There are five E.G.O. outposts scattered across the new Fortnite map that you can visit. Here are the E.G.O. outposts locations at a glance:

E.G.O. outpost locations map

These are all Fortnite landmarks and, while none of them are named on the map, their name will be revealed as you enter the location.

It's also a good idea to open a chest or two while you're visiting each outpost, because this will help you complete a second The Lowdown Challenge - Search Chests at E.G.O. outposts.

You need to open seven chests found within E.G.O. outposts to complete this challenge.

Fortnite E.G.O. outpost locations in-depth

Below you'll find an in-depth list for each E.G.O. outpost location. Simply enter each location in-game once to complete this challenge.

Here's an up close and personal look at each E.G.O outpost location:

E.G.O. Barracks location - north of Lazy Lake:

E.G.O. Staging Post location - north of Dirty Docks:

E.G.O. Hanger location - north of Rainbow Rentals and south-west of Holly Hedges:

E.G.O. Science Station location - west of Pleasant Park, on the coast:

E.G.O. Comm Tower location - south-west of Misty Meadows:

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