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Fortnite brings back two fan-favourite locations today

One rains tacos, the other hosts a prop hunt.

Fortnite update 10.30 is now available and it's a biggie - with two POIs from the past brought back into the game.

Moisty Palms is a mash-up of the long-gone Moisty Mire location and desert city Paradise Palms. Head within its boundaries and you'll find yourself in a Fortnite version of Prop Hunt. Crouch and you'll be disguised as a random object, which looks a bit like this:

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Greasy Grove, meanwhile, has been freed after three seasons buried beneath Polar Peak's ice. It has emerged with a new fast food restaurant in charge - sorry Durrr Burger fans - which serves tacos. Head within Greasy Grove's limits and, well:

"Periodically, Spicy Tacos will rain down from the sky," Fortnite's 10.30 patch notes state. "Their smell is so overwhelmingly appetising that players in the Zone can't help but dance! While dancing, players are invulnerable to damage from others and will regenerate health at 20 HP per second." Which is, different.

We're already past the halfway point of Fortnite's 10th season and it's been an odd one overall. When not avoiding criticism of - and eventually, belatedly - nerfing the game's mech vehicle, it has seen more of the game's map changed during a season than ever before. Whether all these changes will stick into season 11 is another matter. There are whispers of old live events returning, and the game's returned Dusty Depot location now appears to be the site for a new rocket launch. This time around, Epic's certainly keeping players guessing.