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Players worked through the night to decode Fortnite's black hole numbers

We've got to go back.

There's a secret message hidden in Fortnite's black hole screen - the only thing visible in the game after last night's climactic live event - and players have spent the night trying to puzzle it out.

Fans on reddit have spotted numbers swirling around the black hole, and realised they refer to the words within the Visitor's audio logs which you could piece together over the dying days of season 10.

As a recap, here's the season 10 message:

"What the Seven of us are attempting is very risky. I suspect They are not the only ones watching. But it must be done or we lose the Bridge forever.

"I speculate that no one calculated the formation of the Island. That interdimensional matter collisions would resolve rather than push. Now that I witness it first hand, it's obvious that Pinching alone made it inevitable.

"When I hear this, again, will it help me remember? Or once Looped will I be just as muted as the others? No matter - it seems the lengthy precautions worked.

"The (unintelligible) Theorem was a success! I... us... you arrived outside the loop at the exact moment of expansion. This effectively paused the singularity, giving us time to create the devices needed to synchronise the Junction.

"What I didn't factor was that the only way to trigger the device was from within the Loop itself. Thus this hasty and primitive recording. And why now you... I find myself Looped.

"Activate the beacon at precisely the moment this timer reaches nothing. The Zero Point must be contained once more. If They are correct, it will be the end."

Now, here are the numbers floating around the black hole. This sequence takes hours to complete, and has this morning begun repeating back around.

11 146 15 62 / 87 14 106 2 150 / 69 146 15 36 / 2 176 8 160 65

Take the above numbers and cross-reference them with the transcript of the Visitor's audio log and you'll get the following words:

I was not alone. (11 146 15 62)

Others were outside the loop. (87 14 106 2 150)

This was not calculated. (69, 146, 15, 36)

The nothing is now inevitable. (2, 176, 8, 160, 65)

The numbers are hard to spot - here's 87 highlighted.

If all this is confusing - well, it's meant to be.

In short, the Visitor's audio logs refer to a need to reset the game's timeline via complicated sci-fi shenanigans. It's this plan we saw put into action during the live event before everything got sucked into a black hole.

The subsequent message suggests the Visitor did not foresee the current black hole scenario - the "nothing" - as the world waits for whatever comes next.

Fortnite remains offline - including its PVE Save the World mode.

Here's what we know so far on when Fortnite season 11 (Fortnite Chapter 2) will launch.

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