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Fortnite answers fan prayers with plane, Boom Box nerfs

Suppressed frustration.

Fortnite fans have got the changes they asked for - nerfs to several of the game's recently added items.

The alterations, live now in today's patch, continue to address criticism revolving around the game's building mechanic, which some said had become too easy to beat by newer mechanics.

Fortnite's X-4 Stormwing plane, added at the start of the season, has been nerfed again. It's now harder to plough through structures and score easy kills.

The aircraft will now take more damage when colliding, and do less damage to the things it collides with.

Its machine gun has also seen its spread increased - which may make it even less accurate than it is already.

There's changes also to the Boom Box item, added a couple of weeks ago. It acts like a soundwave grenade, continually shattering structures within a large radius.

It has also been nerfed, with its health, duration and drop rate lowered.

Fans of Fortnite's building will likely rejoice at these changes. Those looking for an easy counter to expert players - who can all build much better than I can - may not, however.

There's a new area to explore at The Block - a deathmatch-style arena filled with bounce pads.

Elsewhere, the health of supply drop balloons has been cut, making them easier to shoot out the air - and potentially making them even more contested.

Epic has unvaulted the Dual Pistols and simultaneously vaulted the Six Shooter Pistol.

Dynamite drop rate has been reduced.

And finally, Battle Royale and Creative modes now host the Suppressed Sniper Rifle from Fortnite's Save The World Mode. All the above changes are now live, if you want to try them out.