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Fifteenth EverQuest expansion is live

They wouldn't let it lie (down).

It's not quite the game that started it all (more on that later), but EverQuest is still one of the most successful and longest-running MMOs out there. As it nears its tenth birthday, the venerable Sony Online Entertainment game has just celebrated the launch of its fifteenth expansion pack.

Seeds of Destruction was only announced a couple of months ago at SOE's Fan Faire convention, but it hit live servers yesterday. It's available as a digital download: check out the official launch day guide for more information on how to buy.

Seeds of Destruction introduces Mercenaries to the game - player-controlled NPCs who scale to your level and fight alongside you. Take that, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The game's level cap is raised to 85, with all the new items, skills and character specialisation options that you'd expect to go along with that.

A sizeable 20 new zones are added, combining brand-new areas and "re-imagined classic content", according to the EverQuest site.

It comes bundled with all previous expansion packs - in case you've been away and missed a few - as well as the Legends of Norrath online trading card game that links into both EverQuest and EverQuest II.

EverQuest II is also getting its own expansion pack, The Shadow Odyssey, on 18th November. We'll bring you more on the extensions to both games in the near future.