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Fans debate mysterious Fortnite season five cat teaser

Bastet case.

Fortnite has released the first teaser image for its upcoming fifth season - due to debut this week - and sent fans into a flurry of speculation about what the image may mean.

The top guesses on Fortnite's reddit? Either it's the Egyptian cat goddess of warfare Bastet or a Kitsune - a creepy Japanese fox spirit with magical powers.

Or it's just about cats - who doesn't love cats?

Either would fit with the current in-game weirdness which has heralded the end of Fortnite season four - cracks in the sky and objects being sucked into portals. Fans think all of this involves some kind of magical time-bending force, something which will probably result in the game's map evolving once again.

Over the weekend, in-game objects which had disappeared into rifts then appeared in the real-world Californian desert - which goes to show how enormous both this game and Epic's marketing budget now is.

Of course, a bit of Fortnite was also on the telly this weekend, too. If you watched England beating Sweden in the World Cup quarter final on Saturday, you may have spotted goal scorer Dele Alli celebrating with a Ride The Pony emote.

What does Fortnite season five have in store? There's only three days until we find out.