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Epic to remove accidental swastika from Fortnite

They did Nazi it coming.

Epic will remove an accidental swastika from Fortnite.

Redditor EuBestCityEu posted an image showing the accidental swastika on the Fortnite sub, which sparked a swift response from an Epic developer.

It's achieved by placing four metal floors next to each other and editing them into a circle. As EuBestCityEu explained: "We were making a dance floor in Tilted when one of my teammates noticed this."

"This was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art," replied an Epic developer.

As reported by The Verge, the swastika fix will appear in-game next week, and will look like this:

Apparently it's quite easy for developers to create accidental swastikas - and butts - in video games, as this tweet explains:

Who knew?