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How to beat the Red Wolf of Radagon boss in Elden Ring

Raya Lucaria tips and strategy.

Red Wolf of Radagon is a mandatory boss in the story of Elden Ring.

Located in the Raya Lucaria area of Elden Ring, the Red Wolf of Radagon is a potentially tough fight, depending on what build you're using, and whether you're summoning in any AI or player allies.

The Red Wolf of Radagon might be a fight where you feel like you need the help of another player, especially since it locks you out of the story until you've beaten the boss. If you feel the need to, you can summon in another players, or use a spirit ash summon.

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How to prepare for Red Wolf of Radagon

Preparing for the Red Wolf of Radagon fight honestly doesn't take a lot of work. The key things to remember here is that the boss alternates between using magic attacks, and fire-based attacks with a sword. Because of this, you might actually want to prioritise armor and gear that boasts a higher magic defence rating than that of physical defence.

Additionally, make sure you're all stocked up on Flasks of Crimson Tears before you set out to defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon. The journey from the nearest Site of Grace to the boss itself is absolutely brutal, taking you past numerous magical enemies, so sprinting or sneaking past everyone possible on your way is paramount.

Red Wolf of Radagon tips: How to beat Red Wolf of Radagon

This is a really rapid boss fight, with arguably one of the quickest enemies in the entire game. The Red Wolf of Radagon jumps and lunges around the arena at a rapid pace, but fortunately for you, it's actually got relatively few different attacks it can use.

Chief among these is its fiery blade. The dog will summon an ethereal sword in its mouth, lunging forward with two big swipes. Thankfully, these are relatively easy to dodge roll through, or you can even block them outright if you've got a high stamina stat. The only variant is a possible slam attack that comes right after, chained onto the end of these two slashes, which you'll need to either back away from or dodge roll through once again.

The only other variant to this attack is where the wolf spins around in one massive circle with the sword instead. It's by no means a one-hit-kill attack, but if you've got a shield it's best to play it safe and block the attack, since the wolf can only hit you once with the spin.

Next, the Red Wolf of Radagon can actually pull out another magic attack, lining up three swords in a horizontal line. These will hang in the air for a few seconds, before zooming in on you. Although they're pretty easy to avoid by simply dodging to one side repeatedly, the wolf can move around while they're gunning for you, so best to try and keep both the wolf and the swords in your peripheral vision.

It's not entirely clear what the Red Wolf of Radagon is actually weak to, but one attack that works wonders is Blood-based damage. We've found that a sword kitted out with a Blood Art absolutely eats away at the wolf's health in large chunks, so if you can go back to the blacksmith in the Roundtable Hold and equip your weapon with a Blood attack, we'd definitely recommend doing it.

Red Wolf of Radagon reward

When the Red Wolf of Radagon finally hits the floor, you'll have successfully ticked off another boss on the quest to complete Elden Ring's main story. Killing the wolf will net you 10,500 Runes, which should be enough to guarantee you another level depending on what level you're at, as well as a Memory Stone, which increases the amount of Talismans you can equip.

With the Red Wolf of Radagon down, it's time to continue your journey to become an Elden Lord. You're not done with Raya Lucaria though, because there's a second story-focused boss waiting for you higher up in the main tower.

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