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Elden Ring may have initially had a bestiary

A beastly extra.

New files have been unearthed in Elden Ring which allude to the game once having a bestiary.

The files in questions were found by Twitter user JesterPatches, who wrote: "Looking through [Elden Ring's] files I came across a few icons making me believe that a bestiary was planned at some point."

The user continues: "There are 128 icons showing different NPCs. Each NPC shown has two icons, one greyed out and another one filled in, so it could be not found and found."

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To accompany their find, JesterPatches included several snapshots of what these icons depict, citing Caelid Dog, Caelid Crow and the Pigeon as their favourites.

An in-game bestiary would have certainly been a fun inclusion for Elden Ring. After all, the game has a vast range of fauna for players to fawn over.

However, this particular bestiary would not have not stopped at animals. It actually appeared to encompass everything from regular soldiers to Godskins.

JesterPatches additionally says there are several icons they "don't even recognise" among these 64 icons, perhaps hinting at more cut content.

Elden Ring players have certainly been making the most of the game since its launch last month.

In addition to constantly beating previously set speedrun records, players are also getting creative with their in-game armour. In fact, someone has managed to basically turn themselves in an ancient fantasy version of a mech.

And as for other cut content... well, someone found a set of ladies' underwear that also didn't make it into the game's final release.

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