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Elden Ring player goes on mech suit rampage

Armored Core returns.

An Elden Ring player has created a practically unstoppable build in the game. It's basically a mech suit.

Adam Barker, who's made plenty of YouTube videos on the Souls games, shared a video of his build in action.

Firstly, he uses the Ironjar Aromatic consumable that uses FP to turn the player's body to steel. Then in his mixed physik he adds the Cerulean Hidden Tear and Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear to eliminate FP consumption and convert damage into HP respectively.

Watch on YouTube

Once that's done, he releases the Unendurable Frenzy: an incantation that releases a violent burst of yellow flame of frenzy from the eyes.

The combined effect is seemingly unstoppable. See for yourself below.

Watch on YouTube

Barker uses the build to invade other players and wipe the floor with them. He is eventually stopped, though, so it's not quite invincibility mode.

He's planning a follow up video next explaining how you too can create your own mech in Elden Ring.

As the weeks go on, Elden Ring players continue to get creative with builds. Don't expect this one in speedrunning though - turning to steel is definitely too slow.

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