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EA doing Mirror's Edge music album

Theme faithfully remixed by deck-hands.

EA plans to sell a Mirror's Edge music album alongside the game this November. Act surprised.

The digital release, on sale from 11th November, contains six tracks, five of which are remixes by quite well known faces.

There's Armand Van Helden, who had success with "Professional Widow" and "U Don't Know Me" back in the 90s; Junkie XL, who hit fame with the Elvis "A Little Less Conversation remix"; and Paul Van Dyk, Benny Benassi, and the Teddybears, whoever they are.

The song they're all remixing is the Mirror's Edge theme by Swedish popstar Lisa Miskovsky. Apparently the people who wrote it have also produced material for Britney Spears, by which we assume they mean music and not twine.

Mirror's Edge is in development at Swedish developer DICE, better known for the Battlefield series. In the game, you fill the sporty shoes of Faith, who jumps around vibrantly-coloured rooftops from the first-person perspective.

The game's due out for Xbox 360 and PS3 on 14th November, so that's a whole three days to memorise the album. Incidentally, there's no price for it yet, but we expect it to be bundled with Collector's Editions and the like.

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