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Dyack: "two players the right thing to do"

Too Human boss explains co-op cut.

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack believes halving Too Human co-op from four players to two "was just the right thing to do".

His decision hit the headlines at the recent Microsoft showcase in San Francisco, prompting numerous suggestions that the ambitious and expensive game had bitten off more than it could chew.

"When it came to co-operative play, two players was just the right thing to do; it was the best gaming experience," Dyack told Gamerscoreblog.

"It's a very action-orientated game and having four players just moving around like crazy is actually really chaotic and we actually found people were having more fun [in pairs]. So we started focusing on what was the most fun thing we could do."

Despite all this, Dyack is confident that playing with a friend will still open up a "whole new realm" of gameplay options. He mentions a technique called "serving" where one of you smashes a hammer into the ground and knocks all of the enemies into the air, while the other either shoots them or jumps around chopping them into pieces.

Ideas like this came from developer testing and had a "profound effect" on the outcome of the title. Dyack describes these co-op combos as "the coolest thing ever" and something you could "never do in single-player".

Too Human is due out in Europe on 29th August, with a demo "absolutely planned"; hopefully before launch, although exact timing is yet to be clarified.

Head over to our hands-on with Too Human to see how it's shaping up.

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