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Draglade coming to DS in March

Rhythm combat fun for all.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

505 Games has announced plans to launch Draglade in Europe this spring.

A DS exclusive, Draglade is described as a new fighting game where you use rhythm and combat to see off enemies. It follows the adventures of four young Grappers, whatever they are, named Hibito, Guy, Kyle and Daichi.

The live in the world of Draglade, where scientists have created a powerful sound weapon called Glade. It generates music when used in combat and a popular spectator sport has been invented as a result. Hardly a sumo wrestler doing tug-of-war with an orang utan though, is it.

Battle arenas will be displayed on the top screen, while you can mix and match moves on the touch-screen. You can also create "bullets", which unlock special moves and can be traded with other players over Wi-Fi Connection. The L button can be used to create rhythm-based Beat Combos, which you can customise to suit your fighting style.

An exact date has yet to be "locked down", but Draglade has been confirmed for a March release.

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