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Disney Dreamlight Valley's Scar update adds new area, Halloween vibes

Minnie maxing.

The first major update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is now live, bringing with it Lion King villain Scar and a new underground mine area in your village's Sunlit Plateau area.

Scar's arrival lets you hang out with the British-voiced baddie and extend Dreamlight's overall narrative - which has you trying to puzzle out why its eponymous valley has fallen into ruin.

To get started with Scar, you'll just need to head over to the giant skull in the elephant graveyard - which has now opened up to reveal a fresh lair.

Disney Dreamlight Valley welcomes Halloween... and Scar.Watch on YouTube

The new update coincides with a fresh monthly Star Pass, which offers a selection of items themed around Disney villains and also lets you dress up as a plague doctor. My favourite reward, however, is the clockwork raccoon pet. I think I'll have to get that.

Alongside all that, there are new Halloween items to craft or buy at Scrooge's shop, fresh hair colour options so you can twin with Ariel, the ability to pet animal companions, and upgrades for photo mode including expressions.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in paid early access for PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox, where it is also part of Game Pass.

A cross between Animal Crossing and your Disney+ subscription, its cosy brand of life sim has become a part of my evening gaming over the past few weeks. There's clearly plenty of ambition here - and plans for many more stories and characters to come.

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