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Dirt Rally gets official Oculus Rift support next week

This could get messy.

Not so many years ago, the Dirt series was all about a certain interpretation of the word sick - the one used by snowboarders and purveyors of extreme sports as they did all sorts of radical tricks. Now, thanks to an advance in the hardcore spin-off, it's going back to a more traditional meaning - to the green sloppy stuff that burns your nostrils as it comes jetting out all over the bespoke carpet of your local Wetherspoons.

Dirt Rally, Codemasters' excellent off-road sim, is getting official Oculus Rift support from Monday July 11th, with a patch adding in the ability to play on the headset coming to the PC version of the game while Dirt Rally itself is also added to the Oculus Store.

I couldn't think of a more extreme way to play in VR - Codemasters' game already excels at providing an immersive, challenging and utterly terrifying driving experience, one which we loved when it came out of Early Access last December and one we were still very fond of when it came to console this April. I'll be trying out Dirt Rally in VR and should hopefully be able to update you on what it's like soon, providing I don't get my lunch all over my special driving gloves and booties.

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