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How to get Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments in Destiny 2

Piecing it together.

Destiny 2 Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments are currencies introduced in the Season of Plunder.

These are used to help you earn additional rewards at the end of Expeditions.

No Guardian-turned-privateer worth their salt will want to miss out on opportunities to earn extra loot, and this guide will make you know everything you need to earn them efficiently in Destiny 2.

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How to get Treasure Coordinates in Destiny 2

Treasure Coordinates are awarded at the end of most activities. The exact total varies, but after much experimentation, we found that on average you can expect missions to award approximately these amounts:

  • Ketchcrash (5)
  • Lost Sector (15)
  • Public event (35)
  • Crucible (40)
  • Gambit (40)
  • Strike (45)
  • Wellspring (50)
  • Weekly story mission (70)

In addition, there is an unlockable perk for the Navigator aboard the H.E.L.M. that allows you to hire Halsiks the Sniper. Halsiks will join you during Ketchcrash and Expedia missions, but more importantly, hiring him will also cause enemies to occasionally drop Treasure Coordinates when they die.

If you continue to upgrade Helsiks at the Navigator, you will eventually unlock Under One Banner Perk, which will increase the number of Treasure Coordinates you earn, based on the number of other Guardians with the Season of Plunder pass with you.

Finally, the seasonal armour has a perk called Plunderer’s Trappings. Each piece of armour with this on it grants a 5% bonus to Treasure Coordinates from all sources, up to a maximum bonus of 20%.

Finally, there's also a 50 Treasure Cooordinate bundle at level 70 of the Season of Plunder battle pass.

It’s important to note that your maximum inventory capacity is 325 Treasure Coordinates. If you have enough Map Fragments you can combine them with your Treasure Coordinates to make a Treasure Map and clear some room, but you can only hold one Treasure Map at a time, so make sure you are cashing them in at the end of Expeditions frequently.

How to collect Map Fragments in Destiny 2

Map Fragments are awarded as part of the Ketchcrash activity. You’ll need to progress through most of the Ahoy and Aweigh quest to unlock this multi-phase PVE arena battle. Once you’ve reached that phase, launch Ketchcrash from the H.E.L.M section of your director.

There are three phases to Ketchcrash. First, you’ll bombard then board the targeted Ketch. Next, you will defeat enemies and destroy the security system. Finally, you will face off against the final boss, the captain of the ship.

Once you defeat the final boss a chest will appear. Open that and a small bounty of Map Fragments (around 10) will be deposited into your Guardian's pockets. You can only hold 50 Map Fragments total, so make sure you have room to collect them.

The only other source for Map Fragments is the premium Season Pass. Anyone with the paid Season of Plunder pass will be given one additional bonus Map Fragment once they reach levels 12, 32, and 52, and five bonus fragments once they reach level 92.

What do you do with Map Fragments in Destiny 2

Alongside Treasure Coordinates, Map Fragments are one of the key components for creating Treasure Maps, special consumable items that grant additional loot at the end of Expedition activities.

Material costs for crafting Treasure Maps varies by types, starting at 5 Map Fragments and 50 Treasure Coordinates for the most basic version.

Once you’ve plundered enough of each, open the Quests tab of the menu. Select the Captains Atlas(awarded to you as part of the Anchors Aweigh quest), and enter the details screen. From here, select a Treasure Map, and craft away.

Tips for collecting Treasure Coordinates

Setting yourself up to farm begins with equipping any of the armour with Punderer’s Trappings for the maximum bonus you can achieve, and hiring Halsiks to help generate additional Treasure Coordinates as you go.

Not all activities are equal in terms of Treasure Coordinates awarded, and time to complete. Generally, Public Events take less than half the amount of time as other activities like Strikes or the Crucible, so even though they earn fewer Treasure Coordinates per completion they are better over time.

With that in mind, the EDZ tends to be the best place to quickly farm Public Events. The type of events that take place tend to be quick, and the location is so large that there is almost always a public event in progress, or about to start.

Guardians can quickly fast travel from location to location, and clear several in rapid succession.

Alternatively, there is a Lost Sector in the EDZ that is extremely quick to complete. The Widow’s Walk, located near the church in Trostland, can be beaten by fast and well equipped guardians in just a few minutes, and repeated over and over as needed.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Tips for collecting Map Fragments

Map Fragments primaily come from Ketchcrash, so if collecting those is your aim then that’s where you need to spend your time. These can take from 10-15 minutes to completely; filling your inventory from zero should take around an hour.

The only function for Map Fragments is creating Treasure Maps. That means grinding for Map Fragments won’t do you any good without Treasure Coordinates. Efficiency in Destiny 2 is often best served by diversifying what content you engage in, and collecting these currencies is a perfect example.

Completing Ketchcrash on Master difficulty does reward two to three times more Map Fragments, but can take twice as long (or more) than the standard version, so it’s not necessarily a faster way to earn them. It’s great for weekly Pinnacle rewards, but should probably be avoided otherwise.

Good luck collecting Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments in Destiny 2!

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