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Destiny 2 Resonant Splinter Heroic public event explained

How to make the Throne World public event Heroic.

Resonant Splinter is a public event newly introduced to the Throne World destination in Destiny 2.

Taking place in the Fluorescent Canal region, as with other public events, there is a hidden Resonant Splinter Heroic version you can unlock if you perform the correct actions.

You'll want to act fast to activate it, as portions of the event and its Heroic variant are timed. Powerful foes await as well, so you want to do some levelling first if you're not quite strong enough.

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How to complete Resonant Splinter in Destiny 2

The Resonant Splinter event pops up in the Fluorescent Canal sector and seems to repeat every three hours or so. Place a waypoint marker on the event icon to make finding it easier, then set off towards it.

As always, there's a Rally Banner near the start location so you can restock all your ammunition before beginning - which is handy, since you'll need it.

Step 1: Steal the Resonant Splinter

This step just involves you getting close to the Splinter. Once at least one Guardian is standing on its platform, the Splinter will begin to move.

Step 2: Ferry the Resonant Splinter

This is a recurring step during the event. Your party must escort the Splinter to its final destination, fending off waves of Scorn as you go.

Some are tougher variants, including Fanatics, though the Splinter keeps moving except during the next step.

Step 3: Deliver the Resonant Splinter for detonation

At a few points during the ferrying, the Splinter stops, as an energy field and three Pyramid Spikes appear, along with plenty more Scorn. You need to destroy the Pyramid Spikes as quickly as possible so the Splinter resumes motion.

The Pyramid Spike locations and the Splinter route change with every run of the event, but quest markers point out the Spike locations. They seem fairly resistant to gunfire, but melee attacks from the Glaive work well.

If you're short on time and just want to finish the event, keep repeating these steps.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to activate Heroic Resonant Splinter in Destiny 2

If you want to make the Throne World event Heroic, keep an eye out for Resonant Charges, orange balls some enemies drop.

The goal is grabbing a Resonant Charge and using it on the Splinter, and you'll need to use several Charges before reaching the final destination to activate the Heroic event.

The Heroic Event triggers automatically once you've used enough Charges, but the new requirements don't pop until the Splinter reaches its resting place.

From there, the Heroic version has a new goal.

Step 1: Secure the Resonant Splinter

The goal in this step is defeating the boss Scorn enemies that spawn. They aren't anything different from the special Fanatic Scorn that spawned while you ferried the Splinter, and you have roughly two minutes to complete the task.

Once it's done, you're then free to collect your rewards.

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