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Demo and DLC for Heavy Rain

Quantic Dreams outlines plans.

Quantic Dream has confirmed to Eurogamer plans for a pre-release demo of PS3 exclusive-of-the-moment Heavy Rain, while hinting at the potential for downloadable content in the convention-smashing adventure.

"Yes, of course, there will be a demo," said studio president David Cage, speaking to us the morning after the long-rumoured game was finally unveiled during Sony's GC 2008 conference. Given the nature of the title, however, demo content is likely to steer clear of the main story, instead focusing on conveying the game's unique mechanics.

"We need to think about it, but I wouldn't want to spoil the story," Cage added. "We've spent a lot of time working on the story this time; we've worked with people from Hollywood, script writers, to really make it just right. And I think it's a very unusual story for a videogame, so I think people will be quite surprised."

The gameplay walkthrough we witnessed earlier today was described as a separate episode not related to the main storyline, and this points ahead to ways in which Quantic Dream is considering expanding the game with downloadable content, as well as future titles.

"This is something it's really too early to talk about, but it's definitely a possibility," Cage revealed. "There's so many possibilities with this thing, because what matters now is just the story you want to tell. Do you have a good story to tell? Then you can do it, because this thing isn't specific to the series. You can tell any story with this interface, because it's entirely contextual."

Look out for a detailed preview of the Leipzig demo soon, and if you haven't already, be sure to check out the announcement trailer on Eurogamer TV. Heavy Rain is due out on PS3 next year.