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Dead by Daylight's next Killer is an evil medieval knight

Blood feudalism.

Dead by Daylight's next Killer is an evil knight, as Behaviour Interactive explores medieval horror in the game's latest chapter.

Forged in Fog is available now and includes new Killer The Knight, as well as Survivor Vittorio Toscano, and new map The Shattered Square.

You can check out a trailer of the two characters below.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead by Daylight | Forged in Fog | Spotlight Trailer
Dead by Daylight | Forged in Fog | Spotlight Trailer

The Knight wears a bloodstained suit of armour and brandishes a longsword. His unique power, Guardia Compagnia, summons three AI-controlled Guardis to patrol the map, forcing players to deal with multiple threats.

The Knight was under the service of Vittorio Toscano but ultimately betrayed him. Toscano is a realm wanderer and scholar on a quest to uncover arcane secrets.

The medieval vibe continues in The Shattered Square: a village lying in ruin thanks to The Knight and his accomplices. It's full of dilapidated buildings and an ominous scarlet fog.

The new chapter is available now across all platforms: PC (Steam, Epic, Windows), PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

To celebrate, a number of exclusive outfits are available for both characters: that's mystical armour for The Knight, and for Toscano leather trousers and tattoos.

The Knight and Vittorio alternate costumes
Alternate costumes for The Knight and Vittorio Toscano