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Dead by Daylight teams up with Iron Maiden

Plus new Chapter coming next month.

Dead by Daylight x Iron Maiden
Image credit: Behaviour

Behaviour Interactive has announced its latest Dead by Daylight collaboration, and it's none other than heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

This team up will see the band's mascot Eddie arrive in the game as part of a new outfit collection, which has been inspired by various Eddie iterations over the years. These looks, which you can see in the trailer below, include The Dredge, The Doctor, The Deathslinger, and The Oni.

There are also new Iron Maiden T-shirts for Dead by Daylight's original Survivors.

Dead by Daylight | Iron Maiden Collection Trailer. Watch on YouTube

"What an incredibly exciting new collaboration for us to explore," Dead by Daylight's product manager Kirby Taylor said when announcing this Iron Maiden package. "Eddie is such an icon, and flipping through some of his famous appearances to see which Killers we could pair them with was a dream come true.

"We're also glad our Survivors can get in on the fun with some killer tour t-shirts. A couple of those even have a little surprise as well, depending on the Survivor, but we'll leave that up to players to find."

The Iron Maiden Collection is available to purchase in Dead by Daylight now. As well as these new cosmetic items, players who buy from the collection will also be able to listen to Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark once any of these cosmetics are equipped in the match lobby. This, Behaviour said, will help "set the mood for the face-melting challenge ahead". Lovely.

This latest collaboration follows on from news of Dead by Daylight's upcoming Chapter known as All Things Wicked, which will be available from 12th March. The Chapter is an all-new original (unlike others based on existing horror IP) and, as you would expect, it looks and sounds as sinister as ever.

"The new Killer, The Unknown, is one shrouded in mystery. Many have claimed to have answers regarding its identity and purpose, but they've never been alive long enough to share," Behaviour teased earlier this week.

Along with a new Killer, a new Survivor called Sable Ward will also join the fray. "Racked with guilt over the disappearance of her best friend Mikaela Reid, her search for answers led her directly into The Fog," explained Behaviour. All Things Wicked also introduces a new map known as Greenville Square, a town with a "deadly history".

You can see a teaser for it all below. I hope you all sleep well tonight after seeing all that...

Dead by Daylight | All Things Wicked | Official TrailerWatch on YouTube

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