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DayZ Standalone: the first and extended gameplay video footage

Creator Dean Hall talks through some of the changes.

The first video of DayZ Standalone has been released.

Oh and there's this.

It's nearly 15 minutes long and features the game's creator, Dean "Rocket" Hall, explaining what you're seeing. DayZ operations manager Matt Lightfoot talks along, too.

Lightfoot and Hall demonstrate the game's log-in screen and simplified menus. They also run together through the game world, playing dress-up and showing character customisation. Lightfoot could do with some trousers.

The video moves to a fly-over of a swamp area in the world designed by Ivan Buchta while he was detained in a Greek jail on charges of espionage. After, we get a glimpse of an island taken from ArmA 2 that has only just been added to DayZ Standalone.

Then there's a look at a building and we see how the game spawns tins of beans. Finding them won't be easy: beans can spawn behind objects and under them, so you'll have to look hard when scavenging. Finally, Hall shows new wreckage types that are in the game.

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