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Cyberpunk 2077 mod adds cyberpsychosis, just like Edgerunners

Humanity lost.

Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't really take cyberpsychosis seriously, but a new mod changes that.

Modder DJ_Kovrik has created the Wannabe Edgerunner mod that adds in the Humanity stat.

Essentially, every piece of cyberware has a Humanity Cost that gradually drives your character towards cyberpsychosis.

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Cyberware gives a permanent decrease to Humanity, while using abilities and killing enemies decreases it further, albeit temporarily. Humanity can be restored with Neuroblockers found at Ripperdocs or crafted.

There are multiple thresholds for cyberpsychosis too: a drop in Humanity causes glitches to occur, with a further drop leading to pre-psychosis, more glitches, and a critical chance debuff. Finally there's full cyberpsychosis that launches the heaviest visual glitches but buffs stats and potentially triggers the police.

cyberpsychosis visual glitches in cyberpunk 2077 mod
Those visual glitches in action.

The Wannabe Edgerunner mod is available on Nexus Mods (thanks, Games Radar).

The vanilla Cyberpunk 2077 game only has cyberpsychosis as a series of high level enemies to take down, so it's great to have an addition more in-line with the original tabletop RPG where cyberware implants lead to a drop in empathy.

Cyberpsychosis is also prominent in the Netflix anime Edgerunners. The launch of the show is partly responsible for a surge in popularity for the game.

CD Projekt Red has already announced a sequel is in development, alongside a number of other projects.

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