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Commando 3 on Euro PSN next week

The circle is complete.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 will be released on the European PSN store next Thursday, 3rd July, a Sony source has told Eurogamer.

The Capcom shooter launched on the US version of the PlayStation 3 shop on 5th June and on Xbox Live Arcade worldwide on 11th June.

However, unless you have a US credit card, you can't buy stuff from the US PS3 shop.

We've already played both XBLA and PSN versions, which formed the basis of Dan Whitehead's mostly positive review.

As he put it, "Capcom manages to both wash away the bad taste of Rocketmen and prove that old-fashioned blasters can be made to work today without losing the naïve verve of the 1980s." Which is high praise for a two-stick top-down shooter in this day and age.

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