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Cole Train hints at Gears 2 date

"Yeah! Woo! Bring it on, sucker!"

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The actor behind Gears of War character Cole Train has hinted that the upcoming sequel will be out on 16th November.

Lester "Mighty Rasta" Speight (who used to play professional American Football before deciding he likes his dramatics) spilled the beans by cheekily suggesting press ask him again after that date.

He was chatting at a TriForce event in the US; this is the company that has just announced it will be creating official life-sized replicas of the Gears of War armour and weapons.

Microsoft was unavailable to clarify the date, which falls on a Sunday according to our calendar - neither a Tuesday when the US typically gets games nor a Friday when Europe gets them.

It is within the November window previously and officially promised, though, and similar to the original Gears of War "Emergency Day" date [I added that bit and I'm not changing it - Ed].

The platform holder and publisher has also just revealed a fresh edition of the original Gears of War for PC and Xbox 360.

It goes on sale across the US on 24th June, and contains all of the downloadable content so far, 250 fresh Gamerpoints to achieve, plus a second disc with a preview of Gears of War 2.

Unfortunately its European whereabouts are still unknown.

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