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Chucklefish's Witchbrook is still alive, pretty new screenshots show

Magic gathering.

Remember Witchbrook? First announced by Chucklefish back in 2017, this mix of magic school wizardry and Stardew Valley had begun to feel like vapourware.

Today, however, Chucklefish released a handful of new screenshots showing more of Witchbrook in action - and still in development. First off, above, we have a literal witch and a brook. And ducks.

Below, there's a glimpse at the game's garden area and greenhouse. Is this where herbology is taught? We can also see a variety of character models showing young witches and wizards from different backgrounds. Also a sleeping cat.

After hours, you'll be able to fly through the game's town on a broomstick. Shops on this street include a coffee house and a bakery named Dough Bros. In the top right, is that a shop just for cheese?

Back to the daytime, we get a glimpse inside one of these businesses. It's a nice cutaway view, with the world still bustling away outside. It's striking how many characters are on screen at once.

Finally, a snowy scene showing the inside of a potion-brewing building - hey, it beats doing it in the dungeons. If this screenshot seems familiar, that's because it is. This is actually an image we first saw back in 2020, but which Chucklefish has re-issued as "new" today. I guess this area is still in the game's current build now, two years on.

When we last heard of Witchbrook back in 2020, Chucklefish warned us that the game was still "quite a way off" - wording that still sits on the Witchbrook website today. More than two years later, and five years on from its original announcement, we still don't have word of a launch date or release platforms.

As of today, Witchbrook's release date is "still brewing". An update to the game's description has shed a little more detail on what to expect, however.

Your player character will step into an ancestor's role of "resident witch" to the busy seaside town of Mossport. That still means you'll have to go to school, however, but also that your adventures will last "on the road to graduation and beyond".

After completing school and collecting badges for all your magical abilities, you'll be tasked with "hand-delivering requested homemade goods to the residents of Mossport" and other activities, such as forming relationships and attending (of course) seasonal festivals. And then there's the more expected things to do - such as foraging, photography, gardening and customising your cottage and garden.

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