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Capcom made a life-sized towel of Lady Dimitrescu to promote Resident Evil Village in Japan

Here's how it compares to a man.

Capcom is really leaning into the explosive popularity of Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu - it's made a life-sized towel of the 9'6" tall vampiric villain to promote the game in Japan.

As reported by Siliconera, Capcom Japan launched a Twitter competition for a chance to win the towel, and it released a clip showing the three meters-long prize compared to a 180cm-tall man.

If you fancy winning the towel, I'm afraid Capcom will only ship within Japan. Sorry.

Watch on YouTube

It's the latest promo item that puts Lady Dimitrescu at the forefront. Capcom has already issued life-sized cardboard cutouts for shops, and plastered her all over the side of buses.

Resident Evil Village's convoluted demo schedule heads to Castle Dimitrescu this weekend - as long as you're on PS4 or PS5. If you're in the UK, the demo goes live at 6pm on Sunday, 25th April, and will remain available until 2am, 26th April.

I imagine there will be plenty of fans who check it out in the hope Lady Dimitrescu makes an appearance.

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