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Call of Duty: Warzone patch fixes the infinite stim glitch

And breathe.

Call of Duty: Warzone has a new patch that fixes the infinite stim glitch that has plagued the game for months.

Warzone's stim has for some months now caused havoc in the battle royale, with the developers seemingly struggling to get on top of it.

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The stim is a piece of equipment that restores health points to your character and refreshes super sprint. It's supposed to help players get out of tough situations, but it has also been used nefariously as part of a raft of troublesome glitches and exploits that just wouldn't go away - despite multiple patches.

The most well-known of these is the infinite stim glitch, which lets players use infinite tactical items, thus making it possible to spam healing stims and hide away from other players from within the gas until the game is over. The exploit became so popular, some Warzone players resorted to sacrificing themselves to take down the stim glitchers.

Last weekend, Eurogamer reported on a gameplay clip that shows the spectator view of an apparent cheater who used the throw back frag grenade mechanic to trigger the infinite stim glitch.

Found out the stim glitch is back by spectating a hacker... from r/CODWarzone

It's this method that has been patched in the latest Warzone update, which weighs in at 11.2GB on PlayStation 4. From the patch notes:

"New fix to remove infinite stim glitch: Issue stemmed from player getting stuck in throwback state after throwing back a live grenade."

That, hopefully, should be that for the infinite stim glitch, but we'll keep an eye on it. It has returned in the past. Perhaps it will return in the end.

Elsewhere, the patch focuses on other bug fixes. The highlight perhaps is that certain operator missions for Stitch should now track as intended. There are no weapon balance changes here, but the patch does adjust the timing of ammo replenishment during empty reloads for Black Ops Cold War weapons.

Warzone's weekly Warzone playlist update has also gone live. It adds Verdansk BR - Armored Royale, Plunder - Quads, and Rebirth Island - Resurgence Trios. Plunder - Blood Money Trios is removed.

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