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Call of Duty Warzone Bunkers: How to get Red Access Cards and open Bunker locations - including Bunker 11 - explained

How to access the mysterious underground locations.

Call of Duty Warzone Bunkers are mysterious locations dotted throughout the map of Verdansk.

These have been on the map since the arrival of the mode - though it's only with the May 18th, 2020 update that players have been able to open them and discover (some of) their secrets.

This page explains Bunker locations, how to open them with Red Access Cards, and what you'll find inside - as well as how to solve the mystery of Bunker 11.

Currently, as of Warzone Season 4, you can no longer complete this activity. If you're looking for more help, check out our on-going best Warzone weapons page and the Vanguard Royale meta.

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Call of Duty Warzone Bunker locations explained

Bunkers are blocked off with large, seemingly inaccessible doors. These, alongside phones and laptop computers which you can interact with across the map, have pointed to further secrets in Warzone which players are slowly beginning to unravel.

There are 12 Bunkers in total, primarily on the outskirts of the map, and some around certain key locations.

Here's a map created by Lampy101 on reddit, showing where to find many of these secrets, including the bunker locations, in blue:

Warzone Bunker locations. Image credit: Lampy101 on reddit

For example, perhaps one of the easiest to find is the Bunker outside of the Prison (found in the south-east of the map). The Bunker doors can be found just east of the location, set against a cliff face:

Since this prison Bunker is one of the most well known ones, expect a lot of players to be dropping here in future!

However, not all Bunker doors are out in the open. On the far western edge of the map, not far from the Junkyard, are two Bunkers next to one another, which require you to explore some concrete structures first:

Moving close to the keypad to the side of some - but not all - of these Bunkers can allow you to interact with them. If there is a green light by the door, it means you can access it. If that's the case, then you'll need an item named the Red Access Card to do this.

How to find Red Access Cards in Call of Duty Warzone

Red Access Cards are items you can find while looting in Warzone.

You can find them inside loot crates at random. Receiving a Red Access Card appears to be very rare - with the early theory that Legendary (red / orange) crates are more likely to feature them than more common variants.

You can also get a Red Access Card from players who have picked one up themselves - as you would with any other loot they have found during the match.

Whichever way you get a Red Access Card, stay alive and make your way to a Bunker location with a green light. Use it on the keypad, and you'll be able to gain access to what's inside...

How to open Bunkers and what's inside in Call of Duty Warzone

Though Red Access Cards appeared (seemingly by accident) near the end of April, it was the May 18th, 2020 patch which formally introduced to the game, and allowed them to be used on Bunker doors.

Once you have found a Red Access Card, then that party member must investigate a Bunker with a green light and an interactive keypad. Doing so will open it.

Inside is a treasure trove of cash and high level loot, helping to upgrade your team's loadout for the rest of the match.

Bunker doors that are outside now open with a keycard from r/CODWarzone

For those wondering whether it'll upset the balance of the match, the chances of finding a Red Access Card, then being close enough to explore a Bunker without the gas closing in is quite rare. In our eyes, the plunder after this chain of events seems deserved.

This discovery doesn't mean the end of the Bunker mystery, however, with a second door to be found inside. At the time of writing (May 19th, 2020) no one has figured out how to open these yet.

There is, however, one Bunker which is different to the rest - and it relates to the phones you can find across the map...

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How to open Bunker 11 using phones in Call of Duty Warzone

As shown in the opening Bunker locations image on this page, as well as Bunkers, there are a number of other mysterious objects to find, one of which are phones.

Warzone Phone Rings! Speaks Russian and gives a code. Can someone translate? from r/CODWarzone

Shortly after the first Bunkers were revealed, players worked out how to access Bunker 11, which initially is closed off unless you perform a specific number of steps (thanks to StrangerRobijn on reddit for the image and explainer for this):

  1. Visit the 'blue' phone locations on the map until one relays a message.
  2. At the end of the message, you'll hear three numbers in Russian. These numbers correspond to three 'red' phones on the map.
  3. You (and / or your team) must visit each one of these phones in order.
  4. Once you have visited all three, Bunker 11 - found north of the Arklov Peak Military Base - will be opened.

These locations are randomised each match - and any progress your team makes will be reset if they wipe before you reach Bunker 11.

Call of Duty Warzone Bunker 11 explainer map. Image credit: StrangerRobijn on reddit

As well as high level loot caches as with other locations, Bunker 11 features a number of oddities found nowhere else on the map - including a mysterious server room, a button which reveals a nuclear warhead, and possibly exclusive MP7 Blueprints.

You can see footage of all of this from eColiEspresso on YouTube:

Watch on YouTube

The nuke cannot be interacted with - yet - and ultimately could lead to something in a future update. Perhaps it's teasing the next Season of the game, or even the next Call of Duty, which is a Black Ops reboot as confirmed by Eurogamer.

All done and looking for more advice? Our Call of Duty Warzone tips page can provide some extra strategies which can help.

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