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Bruce Willis in Kane & Lynch film talk

Hairless hard-man to be the former.

Die Hard frontman Bruce Willis is negotiating to star in the big-screen adaptation of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

If he nods his bald head, Willis will fill the boots of Kane, according to Variety. Kane is the Death Row escapee you controlled in the videogame late last year.

Willis was linked with the project in 2007, alongside Lynch hopeful Billy Bob Thornton. Variety makes no mention of him, but says a co-star is still being sought. We recommend Waingro out of HEAT and you know we're right.

Stunt boffin Simon Crane will be making his directorial debut in Kane & Lynch. He was assistant director on other Eidos film effort Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life in 2003, and has filled the same position on X-Men 3 and Terminator 3 since.

Other relative newcomer Kyle Ward will be penning the script for it. Ward was described as the hottest new writer in Hollywood last year by the LA Times, after his first screenplay Fiasco Heights was sold to Universal and attracted the attention of producer Michael Bay.

Game developer IO Interactive is no stranger to the big screen, of course, as its well-known Hitman series opened passably in cinemas last November. It had tits, swords and Desmond from Lost on drugs in it, and you can't say fairer than that.

Filming on Kane & Lynch is scheduled to start before the end of 2008.