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Give Kane & Lynch a try

Inject PC demo.

Eidos has strained a PC demo for Kane & Lynch into the Internet cup.

It tastes of 594 MB and is infused with the Retromoto Tower mission flavour, complemented by strong scents of swearing, blood, and violence.

The teabag was created by Hitman developer IO Interactive, and is a third-person shooter with a remarkably dark and gritty story to tell: you play as one of two quirky main characters who hate each other but join forces out of necessity to tackle some juicy crime capers.

As a duck-and-cover shooter it comes off badly when compared to heavyweights such as Gears of War, but its atmospheric tale - if rather concise - makes it a worthwhile endeavour.

Head into our Kane & Lynch review to see us pick it apart, or simply try it for yourself in the demo.

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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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