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Brace yourself for "a flurry of fun" as Mario Kart Tour's next tour gets us in the Christmas mood

UPDATE: Three new racers detailed.

UPDATE 19/11/19: Nintendo has now fully detailed Mario Kart Tour's forthcoming Winter Tour, due to arrive at 6am tomorrow morning UK time.

Just one new course will be added - the snowy DK Pass from Mario Kart DS - along with three new racers to unlock via the game's gacha-style mechanics. There's yet another new Mario design - Santa Mario - plus Rose Gold Peach from Mario Kart 8 and a black-coloured Shy Guy. Each has their own special attack, which you can see in the video below.

Subscribers to the app's £5/month Gold Pass get the Radish Rider kart.

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ORIGINAL STORY 17/11/19: DeNA has confirmed the next Mario Kart Tour will take on a decidedly wintery flavour when it launches at 6am UK time on 20th November, 2019 (which is 10pm PT, 19th November).

As has been the case for the preceding tours, the new event - called the Winter Tour, predictably enough - brings with it a number of themed unlockables, plus the DK Pass track from Mario Kart DS.

"What's that outside? Has it started snowing already?" asked a tweet from the official Twitter account. "That can only mean one thing... the next tour is the Winter tour! Bust out your snow tires and ready your chains for a flurry of fun starting 11/19 at 10pm PT! #MarioKartTour."

Mario Kart Tour's previous TLE took us to Paris and offered a Frenchified variant of Peach.

Mario Kart Tour launched at the end of September and broke records, becoming Nintendo's most-downloaded smartphone game at launch following 90m downloads in its debut week.

As Tom reported earlier this month, you'll need Mario Kart Tour's £4.99 monthly subscription to be the first to try its upcoming multiplayer mode. Nintendo will launch the mobile racer's real-time multiplayer offering in December, but this beta test will only be for those subscribed to its Gold Pass, just like the 200cc racing tier which is also locked to Gold subscribers.

There's currently no details on how long the beta test will last, and how long it will be Gold Pass exclusive.

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